Two People Died...

in running races last week.

As Woody would have put it... "IF only they had been home quietly doing bong hits, instead of engaged in a nutty sport like road racing, they'd be alive today!"


  1. Woody8:19 PM

    I suppose they could have found some other way to die. But it's true that I long been warning of the hidden costs of sports.

    I've worked with alcoholics who went on binges and missed a few days of work. It's not, in my opinion, any more excusable than the skier who breaks a leg and misses a few days. Well, except that the skier will get paid leave and medical care. It is clear to me that the capitalist system straining from the side-effects of sports, and yet everyone has been brainwashed into thinking high-testosterone activities like football and beer are as virtuous as apple pie.

    There's a whole branch of the medical profession called "sports medicine." How many bong institutes have we? How many bong related injuries have we? Torn rotor cuffs from reloading that Gatling gun?

    Do local governments invoke eminent domain to acquire fields for planting hemp and poppy? They sure don't mind condemning, taxing and spending to create sports complexes.

    Every time I see them create another golf course or ballfield, I think of it as a subsidy for the AMA and Anheuser Busch. When will we put and end to this madness?

  2. "Panem et circenses." Been doing it for five thousand years, probably much, much longer, so it ain't likely for undoing any time soon.

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