Wow! Gold!

OK, folks, Andy explained how these blog spammers are ingeniously getting past the word verification feature and spamming this blog anyway. (They get porn surfers to type in the key word for them.) So, does anyone know how to prevent this new maneuver?


  1. Not really sure, but I have noticed that some sites have started to allow comments only from posters who have registered in advance.

  2. I guess we have to ban porn on the Internet.

  3. Maybe it does and you've already done it, but does Blogger have a setting that treats any comment with more than x number of links as spam? If it does and you haven't set it, then that should block a lot of the stuff (it works well in WordPress at least).

  4. Sidney4:57 PM

    I kinda like the Wow-Gold folks.

    Face it, their always there for you, Gene.

  5. Anonymous10:21 PM

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  6. Gene, I note further that the blog hosting sytem used by the Mises folks (where I keep my blog) contains the features Chris refers to, but doesn`t allow for a gotcha.

    The result is that comments with too many links are not rejected, but simply don`t post.

  7. Anonymous10:17 PM

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  8. It occurs to me that "wow gold" is not "Wow, gold!" but rather "WoW gold." WoW is the abbreviated form of "World of Warcraft," a popular online game which involves the use of gold as currency. Believe it or not, there are people who actually pay real money in exchange for gold in the game. In response, a network of producers has sprung up, typically in developing countries, to "farm" gold. You can read about gold farming on Wikipedia; aside from the fact that it's really annoying that they keep posting things on your blog, it's actually kind of a fascinating phenomenon.

  9. Save up and get vbulletin I had the same problem and had to add a question to my registration process. It is working fine now no more of those Porn and Viagra spammers. Trust me I know your frustration. If you can ban IP addresses I have logged the perp that does the 10 to 12 porn spams “”
    Murph’s CUZ

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