Holy Crap!

I walked out on the porch in PA last night. When I turned the corner of the house I found myself face to face with:

(This photo was taken after I scooted back inside, out the second floor window.) Although you can only see two in this photo, there were three -- one guy was busy digging up my newly planted daffodils in the front.

The worst part of the whole episode is that they pulled my pants off the clothesline... and pissed on them! Thems fightin' actions!


  1. Well, i spent 5 mins looking intensely at the picture but I couldn't tell what are these creatures. Rabbits? Pigs? Ninja kids?

    Would be too much to ask you what are they?

  2. 400 pound bears. Right at my front door.

  3. It's very rude to ask a bear how much he weighs.

  4. Did they appear hungry?

  5. They were gnawing on cornstalks, Wabulon!


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