Bob Murphy, for one, seemed somewhat shocked by my "presentism." But I find I am in very good company:

"But how does this future, which does not yet exist, diminish or become consumed? Or how does the past, which now has no being, grow, unless there are three processes in the mind which in this is the active agent? For the mind expects and attends and remembers, so that what it expects passes through what has its attention to what it remembers..."-- Augustine, The Confessions


  1. I think an interesting project taking various liberals and pressing them on the issue of values until they crack. Easier said than done.

    My favorite examples are Tenthers, the people opposed to the incorporation doctrine. Most of the time, they'll tell me if I don't like the laws of a state, then I can move elsewhere. My reply: I shouldn't have to. They'll then usually say something about if a state has bad policies, then people will flee and change incentives or what not, completely missing my point that I already have a preferred policy.

    Liberalism's general theme seems to be this: if only it weren't for you disagreeing with me, then we'd be getting along perfectly!


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