Monday, February 16, 2015

The vapidity of nature show commentary

As I said, these shows are nice eye candy. And no doubt one can learn some truths about nature from them. (So, for instance, when the narrator says, "The monsoon rains arrive in Cambodia in May," I feel about 90% confident that they do so.) But consider the following bit of narration I just heard:

"Cambodia is a land where animals face a daily struggle to survive."

What, as opposed to, say, Laos, where animals can do f*&k-all everyday and still skate by?! What possible location on earth could replace "Cambodia" in the above sentence and thereby render it false?

UPDATE: And the narrator just described Cambodia as "One of the most bio-diverse countries in Southeast Asia"... which is exactly how he has described every single other country in Southeast Asia in the series! Apparently, Southeast Asia is the Lake Wobegon of geographical regions, in that every single location in it is above average for the region.


  1. They're compelled to say something. That's only possible explanation.


That was a great rendition!

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