Rationalism in temperature measurement

Here is a nice post on why Fahrenheit is superior to Celsius for every day use. The triumph of Celsius is another example of rationalism: because it worked well for scientists, it was "rational," and had to be forced on a reluctant populace. (In the UK, a grocer was actually arrested for selling bananas by the pound.)

At least the U.S. has held out!


  1. I tell people the Imperial system, dozens, units of 60, is superior to the metric system. 12 divides easily by 2,3,4, or 6. 60 divides by 5 as well. Pre computer or calculator that was what you had to most often, in the premodern age especially.
    The metric system's only advantage is it matches the radix of our number system. But 10 is just the wrong radix! Change the radix to 12 by adding two new digits.


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