This is not my beautiful code!

This is from the movie Clear and Present Danger. The code appears very clearly on screen about an hour and 30 minutes into the movie. What struck me about it was that, at first glance, it almost appears as if they took the trouble to put some real code up there. But once I looked more closely, it appears to me to be nonsense. It is like someone who had seen a lot of code imitated what it looks like, in the same way that one of my sons can imitate Tagalog without being able to speak it. Can anyone recognize this as any actual programming language?


  1. No answer here:

    "Surely gibberish. Some small segments have been taken from various programs in different languages and pasted together in a way that doesn't even make enough sense to be a joke."

    1. But what a curious thing to do! Why not just put in some real code, rather than sampling from various pieces of real code?

    2. It's not uncommon. If you zoom in on some newspaper articles or what not you might find "Lorem Ipsum" or just nonsensical sentences.

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    4. Could they be afraid of copyright issues grabbing random code off the web or a book, so they'd need to actually pay someone knowledgeable to write them a code snippet for the movie? Actually, they did just that. And he took the money and gave them this.


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