Applications for Agent-Based Modeling

Hat tip to Leslie Marsh for bring this to my attention:


  1. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Gene, me mate, you may be interested in attending Simon's Brooklyn gig:

    1. Oh, but that was two days ago!

  2. I'm a little behind, but that video reminded me of this old post:

    "Theory: ants are smart, and they talk with their antennae. How smart are they, and how much information can they transfer with their antennae language?
    Experiment: to figure out how much information they can transfer, starve some ants (hey, it’s for science), stick some food at random places in a binary tree, and see how fast they can tell the other ants about it... Each fork in the path of a physical binary tree represents 1 bit of information, just as it does on your computer. Paint the ants so you know which is which. When a scout ant finds the food, you remove the maze, and put in place an identical one to avoid their sniffing the ant trails or the food in it. This way, the only way for the other ants to find the fork the food was in is via actual ant communication. Time the ant communication between the scout ant and other foragers (takes longer than 30 seconds, apparently). Result: F. sanguinea can transmit around 0.74 bits a minute. F. polyctena can do 1.1 bits a minute.


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