Germaine Greer speaks sense

here, but as a trans activist quoted in the article noted, speaking sense is "out of date."


  1. Gene, I wonder if Progressives are literally going out of their minds with respect to reason. I have argued with many of them - from 'regulars' to professional philosophers - and they seem completely immune to reason. I'm not making this up. It is as if the left is disintegrating into pure madness.

  2. Well, her position that a sex change operation is "violence" seems a little oit there.

    1. Taking a knife and cutting off someone's willie is not violent?!

    2. Of course it's not! Surgery is not violent. If it were, then amputations should also be called violence as well.

  3. It is perfectly reasonable to disagree about whether or not transgender people have truly changed their gender, Gene (my opinion is that of a third way). It is really wacky, though, to call the operation violent. "Mutilation" or "defacement" are labels I think are wrong, too, but they seem within sanity. Greer's comment makes her sound like a nutty person (again, the part about violence).


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