When Law Goes Private...

it turns out that it favors the wealthy even more than does state-made law!

Who could have imagined that in a market for law, the people who can pay the most for law get the law they want?!

The terrible assumption made in the optimistic case for an anarcho-capitalist justice system is that what people will want to pay for in private law is perfect justice, so far as it can be achieved.

Why in the world should that be the case? Large corporations will pay for law that will favor large corporations. Lawsuits based on corporate malfeasance will be increasingly hard to win. Intellectual property law will be strengthened, tremendously. The few dollars you have to spend on "private defense agencies" are peanuts compared to the billions upon billions large corporations will be able to spend.

And, as in any market, the consumer will win: corporations will get exactly the laws they want.


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