Silliest article of the new year

The winner so far! The author writes things like:

"Consciousness doesn’t happen. It’s a mistaken construct. The computer concludes that it has qualia because that serves as a useful, if simplified, self-model."

So, you don't actually see these very letters appearing on this very screen in front of you! Your brain just contains a "model" that "concludes" that you see them!

There, that should clear everything right up.


  1. I do not find it silly at all.

    I feel like "Argument by Appeal to Ridicule" is becoming too common in the internet these days.

    (This is quite similar to what internet atheists do to ridicule religious folk, btw)

    1. Well, Prateek, if an argument that says we are MISTAKEN in BELIEVING we are conscious is not silly, I don't know what the hell is, since mistakes and beliefs only apply to conscious entities!

  2. Well, mistakes and beliefs also occur in the physical brain, and the physical brain is capable of deceiving the physical brain. No?

    1. Your assumption is unproved, but deception involves a consciousness being deceived, and thus cannot serve as evidence against its existence! (What would it mean to "deceive" a rock?)


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