Burglary is dangerous

Burglars are often injured because they have to creep into houses in the dark, and sometimes they are even shot by homeowners.

Let's start a campaign for "safe, legal burglary"!


  1. I don't get it either. Is this an abortion analogy?

    1. You DO get it!

      *IF* something is wrong, it is kind of fatuous to argue for legalizing it because people sometimes get hurt doing this wrong thing.

      And if it is not wrong, then it should not be illegal, and we can drop the "safe" argument!

    2. Ah! You make much sense, Gene.

  2. I completely agree with you on dropping the "safe" argument. I'm pro-choice and from my perspective I think it partly concedes the argument to the pro-life side. Positioning it as a health issue is also irrelevant. The crux of the issue is whether or not a fetus constitutes and/or whether or not the autonomy of the woman is an overriding concern.


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