"Racism" now means "not supporting leftist policies"

The Christian Science Monitor highlights a study of racial attitudes that supposedly shows that intelligent people are more racist than one might think. How is this?

After first it might seem it is not so:

"Wodtke... found that the group that scored higher on the [intelligence] test were less likely to hold racist beliefs than their lower-performing counterparts. For example, among those who did well on the verbal test, 29 percent said blacks were lazy and 13 percent said they were unintelligent. By contrast, among those who performed poorly on the intelligence test, 46 percent described blacks as lazy and 23 described them as unintelligent.

"Lower scoring test-takers were also more likely to disapprove of intermarriage, and not want a black family living next door."

But there's a catch:

"But when it came to government policy – affirmative action, or busing, for example – smarter respondents were no different than their less-intelligent peers...

"The conclusion that Wodtke draws is that both the high and low scorers on the tests may have racist attitudes, but the high scorers 'are simply more sophisticated racists.'"

So Wodtke does not even think it is possible, say, people actually think, rightly or wrongly, that these are bad policies? Nevermind conceiving the idea that they might really be bad policies? No one could object to busing because they think that riding a bus for two hours a day is bad for kids, and that they are happiest in school with their neighbors? Nope, the only reason to oppose busing is if you are a "sophisticated racist"!


  1. Well, "bigot" doesn't have the same punch as "racist". That doesn't excuse the overly broad use, however.

    1. Huh? Who mentioned "bigot"? I don't know what you are talking about.


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