A junk room, deserted by the gods

"Note the tendency here [in Parmenides] that is commonplace in contemporary science: the thinker, that is, in antiquity the philosopher, deals with things that do not occur in intuition and that have paradoxical qualities. These are the things that are "real" for the thinker... The rift was never entirely overcome; rather, the "real world" became ever more remote from the world in which we live and feel. It becomes institutionalized until eventually the power of the growing institutions of science and an education regulated by them closes the rift from the other end by means of a kind of training that keeps transforming intuition, the behavior regulated by it, and thereby us humans as well until we obey the scientific forms of thought and see the world through them, as a junk room deserted by gods yet well organized." -- Paul Feyerabend, Philosophy of Nature, p. 153


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