The disappearance of the gods

"the disappearance of the gods… today... is generally regarded as 'rational,' and the gradual elimination of divine traces as a further increase in rationality. Yet this means identifying rationalism with materialism -- a dubitable procedure based on a naïve naturalistic interpretation of the material. It indicates an oversight of the possibility that materialism may have contradicted the contemporary experience of the world, and so it may be considered 'irrational' in light of an empiricist methodology." -- Paul Feyerabend, Philosophy of Nature, p. 105


  1. Perhaps we confuse rationality as the best means of understanding because we do not notice our ossifying imagination. How does one determine whether there are spiritual truths?
    If you believe Buddha, Christ, Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi, and their ilk were charlatans or simply wrong, you will deny the possibility of finding spiritual truth. Their methods leading to discovery are open to all. Of course, if you have something more important to do, do it. That effort is your spiritual path!


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