Creative Contortionist Ken

Now Ken B. insists that RU486 only affects the body of the woman who takes the drug, and not the fetus, so it isn't using force against the fetus! It just so happens that the way if affects the woman's body is... surprise!... to make that body reject the fetus, which will then die.

So now we have a new way that it is OK with Ken for us to kill him. Ken is standing on the subway platform. You can't push Ken in front of a train: that would be using force against him. But you can shove someone else into Ken, knowing that person will knock Ken onto the tracks where he will be killed. Because, you see, your shove did not affect Ken's body (per Ken)! It only affected the body of the person you shoved. It just so happens that the way you affected the shovee's body resulted in Ken's death!

(Of course, you are guilty of whatever charge giving a stranger a shove that doesn't even injure them results in. But certainly you aren't guilty of murdering Ken [according to Ken]... even though you knew that was what would happen, and is indeed what you intended to have happen.)


  1. Using creative analogies is a reminder that the libertarian in you is not dead.

    1. That was what I thought when I read his two posts

    2. I think the "creative analogies" bit is just his nature, though, as he has used them in his arguments against libertarianism.

  2. Absurd comment Gene. I said that in the the early weeks RU486 affects no person other than the mother, not no other body. I never said it doesn't affect the fetus's body.


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