Thank God I'm an Isolationist!

I innocently went to what I thought would be a sports site, but found one Bryan Curtis foaming at the mouth about Trump.

The most amazing passage was this, where first Curtis quotes Trump:

"We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example … for everyone to follow."

Curtis's response?

"This is isolationism, pure and simple."

Do you understand? If you are not in favor of bombing and invading other countries to force our way of life on them, you are a nasty "isolationist."

Imagine what it is like living near Curtis! I don't know, let's imagine he is a Methodist. On Monday, he rings the doorbell and harangues you about converting to Methodism. On Sunday, if he doesn't see you in church, he torches your house!

And when you ask him what he's up to, he responds, "Well, I don't want to be isolated from my neighbors!"

Have no doubts, this is the real problem with Trump: if he actually follows through on those words, and many people are very afraid he will, the military-industrial complex stands to lose hundreds of billions of dollars. Because of this, the official outlets of this power nexus have been on a non-stop smear campaign against him. If they can convince enough people that this non-ideological real estate developer is really the next Hitler, they can render him ineffective, or even prompt an assassin to remove this obstacle in their path.

So if you were out protesting today, surprise! You were marching in favor of funding American bombs raining death around the world.


  1. Gene, this is ridiculous. Do you really think that an anti-war Democrat like Elizabeth Warren had won the election, we would be having any sort of discussion of whether she is temperamentally unfit to be President or whether she has authoritarian tendencies? (No doubt some right-wing radio hosts would be saying such things, just like they said it about Obama and Clinton, but it wouldn't be a widespread concern.)

    1. Hilarious, Keshav! Apparently you don't recall when the anti-war Howard Dean looked like a threat to win the Democratic nomination, and suddenly he was repeatedly described in the press as a madman! Apparently you can't even recall last March, when Sanders looked like a threat, and suddenly the press began noting how white all of his followers were, and hinting the his campaign was racist.

      Your response is, indeed, ridiculous!

    2. Jesse Jackson: "Anti-semite"!
      Ron Paul: "Racist"!

      Of COURSE, if Warren had been a real threat to the MI complex, she would have been smeared in the exact same way Jackson, Dean, Paul, Sanders, and Trump have been smeared! Are you really so completely taken in by MSM propaganda that you can't see that this happens to ANY anti-war candidate?!

    3. Oh, and I forgot Pat Buchanan, smeared as an anti-Semite. Keshav, I had never thought of you as the completely witless dupe of MSM propaganda, but I am revising my opinion!

  2. I worry that Trump's "isolationism" could quickly turn to unilateralism. His comments about the United Nations do little to ease that fear.


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