Saturday, April 29, 2017

Chesterton spinning in his grave

I have watched a bit of the new Father Brown series. It is pretty awful. "Based on" a character from GK Chesterton, a man who wrote Orthodoxy, this version is a woolly-minded progressive Who is constantly telling people not to be "judgemental" and suggesting that suicide is not really a sin.

But the writers can't even get elementary facts correct when they are trying to show off their intellectual bona fides. In one episode a character quotes Confucius, and says, "you know: Buddhism." (The character is supposed to be an expert who studies these things seriously.) In another episode, a father is criticizing his teenage daughter's reading. He says, "at your age, I was reading Rousseau and Derrida."

The show is supposed to be set in the early 1950s. The father himself looks to be 50-something. And Derrida was born in 1930.

So the father must have been reading Derrida about 10 years before that writer was born. Which is fairly prescient of the dad.

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  1. I loved the stories, and have read many twice. So I watched an episode. Lousy, missing *every single thing* that makes the stories so distinctive. A few months pass. I try another episode. I was longing for it to end but hung on, foolishly. Never again.


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