How to keep your init files on GitHub

I puzzled over this for a little while before figuring out a good approach: create a hard link from your .vimrc, .bashrc, etc. to a repo for all of your inits (mine is InitFiles: Then check in these hard-linked files.

You will have to recreate the hard links on every machine you want to update from this repo.

But then, that's it! You edit your init files on the machine you are on, push the changes to the repo, and then pull the changes down to your other machines. Your /home/yourname/.bashrc simply is the same file as InitFiles/.bashrc, and you are good to go!


  1. I noticed the alias for xv6. That for the OS class you run? Might I recommend that you also take a look at HelenOS, Embox, ES (by Nintendo), Sanos, Sartoris, Monarc, BitVisor (a hypervisor),XOmB (an exokernel), diosix, Redox, Little Kernel (a kernel used as the last-stage bootloader in many Android phones), Fuschsia (an OS by Google based on Fuchsia), a comparison of a bunch of operating systems written in Rust, and BareMetal. Since you are also into interpreters, GVMT is a project I found a few years back that is aimed at assisting in the construction of virtual machines. Darling is a translation layer for running macOS programs on Linux.


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