All Manatees, All the Time

Given the hyper-hallucinatory state of political discourse in this country at this time, in which it is quite possible to have a statement like "I hate Nazis!" promote a response like, "See: I told you he loves Nazis!", henceforth, this blog will be about manatees. No manatee has ever loved Nazis.

Manatees are peaceful, gentle giants of the sea. If you get in the water with them, they roll over so you can scratch their bellies. This is what all future blog posts here will do: just roll over, hoping you scratch their bellies.

Look at all the soothing, bluish-green colors on this page! So peaceful!

Sleep, sleep.


  1. " No manatee has ever loved Nazis."



  3. "Yellow Submarine" would have been just as well, in my humble opinion:

  4. Hugh is the only manatee I care about, thank you very much!

  5. I think a lot of manatees are mottled grey supremacists.

  6. A Manatee obelisk has been broken into pieces.


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