Fake News

The Google tech memo and subsequent firing of the memo's author are all over the news today... and giving us a good look into the continually mendacious nature of much of the mainstream media. Luckily, I read the memo before I read reports on the memo. In it, James Damore (who, by the way, is a published biological researcher with a PhD from Harvard) notes that there are biological differences between men and women that may, on average, result in more male engineers than female engineers.

And how does CNN report that?

"A Google employee behind an internal memo asserting that women are biologically unfit for certain tech jobs."


  1. A roundup of fakery http://thefederalist.com/2017/08/08/media-outlets-blatantly-lying-google-memo/

  2. I was wondering what you would have to say as I read the letter yesterday. The reactions appear to be so over the top... and Google's reaction just as he predicted.


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