Netflix attempts to execute a successful plot summary

The writing for the Netflix plot summaries is usually pretty bad. I liked this example I saw the other night:

"Michael attempts to execute a successful escape from prison."

The badness of that sentence becomes crystal clear when you realize how we would summarize the same plot, if asked conversationally:

"Michael attempts to escape from prison."

To attempt to escape from prison is to attempt to execute an escape from prison, which is to attempt to execute a successful escape from prison. (If he were "trying" an unsuccessful escape, he would not be attempting a prison break: he would be pretending to attempt a prison break.)


  1. Perhaps Michael is not in prison, but his hobby is springing prisoners, at random, just for fun. So he's trying to spring Bob by executing a plan for Bob's escape?

    1. Bob is imprisoned too deep in his own bad models ever to escape.

    2. The y show that if Bob escapes now he'll only be stealing his freedom from his great-great-grandson.

  2. I'm assuming this summary is for one of the sequels to Halloween.


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