Time to begin writing my review...

of Python Unit Test Automation.

So, of course, to motivate myself to get this done, I will blog whatever bits seem likely to appeal to more than 2 or 3 people.

The first thing that struck me about this book is that Chapter One seems very strange inclusion. It is a very brief, high-level introduction to the Python programming language, aimed at someone who knows almost nothing about it. But...

Is that reader likely to buy a book called Python Unit Test Automation as their first introduction to the language?! Won't they pick up something with a name like Beginning Python or Learn Python in 30 Days? It is hard to avoid the suspicion that Pajankar's book had come up just a little shy of its minimum page count, and so the publisher said, "Why not throw in an intro to Python to start things off?"


  1. Some organizations have build-masters, who wouldn't need to actually code Python but might need familiarity with the automated testing apparatus for example.

    1. Yes, it's still hard to see what this intro chapter would do for them.


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