Sanctions Weren't Working

I saw Tony Blair on TV today saying that the invasion of Iraq was necessary because "sanctions weren't working."

I agree. Saddam had only been reduced to having zero weapons of mass destruction. Clearly, the only sign of the sanctions working would have been if he had had a large negative number of WMDs.


  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Hey its me Sean from OTA.

    Just a thought here. The sanctions worked to the extent that Sadaam's ability to act out using chemical weapons, scud missiles, etc was limited. But the cost to maintaining those sanctions indefinitely was high. The people of Iraq were suffering, according to the news media, from the sanctions. Sadaams friends were getting richer. In a sense, the sanctions regime was like a force helping him to consolidate and retain power, since all of the wealth of the nation was now concentrated in his hands, for him to distribute as he pleased. Arab resentment of the west increased, as stories of starving children filled the headlines. Our pilots and naval forces were essentially locked in place, and the cost of keeping the troops there was huge. And, since Sadaam didnt actually change, he always reserved the right to get right back on track with his programs as soon as we lost the will to maintain the sanctions.

    So , Blair is to some extent right. The sanctions regime kept sadaam temporarily at bay, at huge cost (in dollars and politically), but didnt solve the problem for the long term.
    The sanctions, in order to be effective, would have to be maintained in perpetuity. And that would not have been a good thing, I dont believe.

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