When in England

If you want to emphasize something, turn it into a question. For example, LSE hasn't issued me a student ID yet. I was about to try to make copies at the student copy center, and I imagined answering, in response to a request for my ID: "They haven't issued me one yet, have they?"

I went down to Picadilly Circus. Not only did I not see Marcus, I couldn't find the circus at all -- no tents, no clowns, no elephants! My advice is, "Don't bother."

In the suburb to which I just moved, there is a eatery called -- I'm not making this up -- "New Jersey Chicken." All right, what the heck is "New Jersey chicken"? I grew up 100 miles from NJ, and I've never heard of such a dish or style. Do you get a little map of the turnpike carved into your roaster?

And the breakfast place nearby offers "Bubble and Squeak" on its menu. I have to order that one day.

The sidewalks in London seem to be made of some specially polished stone -- but that's OK, because it's not like it rains here often or anything.

The headline in today's Daily Mirror promised a profile of "Britain's Worst Pedophile." Maybe tomorrow they will follow up with one of "Britain's Best Pedophile."


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Maybe the chicken smells like Newark.

  2. Haha, yea, who was the editor that came up with that Pedophile idea?

    And I guess this is me being a smart ass, but the original Jersey is island off France and was a British protectorate of some sort. Maybe they're known for chicken.

    Or maybe they're retarded.

  3. Well, it was "New Jersey Chicken," not "Jersey Chicken."

    In any case, it turns out that what it means is really overcooked, dried out chicken.

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