But What About This Study?

A recent headline in my local paper here in Milford, PA read: "Report Shows Studies Are Often Flawed."

In a few years, I expect we'll see sommething like, "Meta-meta-meta-meta-level study concludes that meta-meta-meta-level studies no better than meta-meta-level studies."


  1. Taking the meta point of view is fun and sometimes hilariously insulting. Calling a pharmacologist an ethnopharmacologist is taking such a meta position, and it will probably piss him off, unless he considers himself an ethnopharmacologist in the sense that he studies different culture's pharmacological thinking. In the latter case, he thinks he is meta, but you can still call him an ethnoethnopharmacologist and piss him off by being all meta-meta.

    I would love to find a paleoethnopharmacologist and call him an ethnopaleoethnopharmacologist. I would start my article with the phrase "Ethnopaleoethnopharmacalogically speaking, ..."

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