...a few steps to the left a human horror is unfolding. If it weren't for the failing levees, New Orleans would have been completely fine, but they are in real trouble instead. The first thing, and I'm sure I'll get yelled at for this, is to stop trying to stop looting. Police should be on dinghies getting folks out of town instead of chasing down some dehydrated unfortunates carrying loaves of bread. The food is going to rot and the sneakers are going to be full of mold shortly. This is the last chance for that wealth to be used or it will be wasted. There is no returning it to its rightful owner. How the hell is making a looter drop a pile of clothes in muck going to help anyone anyway?

This disaster is a national one. We are going to be paying for this. All of us. Whether we are paying for "legitimate" food for these people or paying back those businesses later, we are still going to be paying for it. So let those directly suffering take care of their needs now and those indirectly suffering we'll deal with later.


  1. Hear, hear. The looting does seem like the least of the problems, or nearly the least ... and it's hard to believe that much of that fine merchandise is going to be saleable after the waters recede, leaving the mud behind.

  2. The police could be doling out those food items themselves. That would maintain more order, get food to people who are desperate and build mutual respect between the fuzz and the citizens. There's no doubt some crooks will still be crooks but wasting energy on the criminals helps no one and doesn't stop the crime. It only moves it to the next block. Those items are increasingly valueless to anyone except those people right there. They might as well be protecting piles of rocks.

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