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An ad on my own page caught my eye. It said something about the Jaworski Family album, and I was intrigued. I'm sort of curious about my past family, and if anyone has any info stored somewhere on my family tree.

The website turned out to have all sorts of "Jaworski" references. But they wouldn't let me take a closer peek inside any of the supposed "Archives" or "family photos" and so on. In fact, there appears to be an "International Jaworsk Family News."


And then I saw this as the address bar:

Changing the variable after "name=" to some other nifty things yielded (just as I suspected) this, this, and this.

Ha ha ha. Stupid web shells.


  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    "Ass Hat" was my mother's maiden name, but who are the "Jaworsk"s?

  2. Anonymous7:13 PM

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