Sexuality and Onions

Julian Sanchez wonders if it's OK for parents to give their children a drug that "cures" them of homosexuality. In pondering the point, he writes: "If you really and genuinely (at the end) prefer one gender, are you really likely to resent that you don't (anymore) prefer the other?"

That reminds me of a joke Jan Lester told me.

A man hates onions, but, unfortunately, lives in a country where they are a part of almost every dish. His doctor, who knows about the man's dislike and the troubles it causes him, during a check-up is pleased to inform the fellow, "I've got a solution to your problem!"

"What's that?" the man asks.

"There's a new drug out. If I put you on it for a few weeks, you'll love onions!"

"But I don't want to love onions!"

"And why not?"

"They're disgusting!"


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