Norwegian Wood: About Arson?

(The following post is dedicated to John Goes.)

I had always assumed the Beatles' song "Norwegian Wood" was about some PG-13 date that John Lennon had, and that the next morning he got the fireplace going. But try listening to the song (it's freakier if you actually listen to the song, rather than just googling the lyrics) and just entertain the hypothesis that Lennon is a really bitter guy and that the girl ("she once had me") is a tease. It puts the last line in a whole new light.


  1. OK OK I'm just sheltered; this IS what happens in the song:

  2. He burns down the apartment, right? (I didn't cheat.)

  3. I always understood it to be about smoking weed, like everyone else in my age group. Hmm.

  4. Anonymous4:22 PM

    ...and by the way, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ISN'T about LSD, which everyone "knows for a fact".

    Hubbaut that?

  5. "When questioned about "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," [McCartney] noted that Julian's painting had inspired the song, but that it was "pretty obvious" that the song was about an acid trip."

    Yes, it is pretty obvious, isn't it?

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