The Subtleties of Sidewalk Etiquette


  1. Anonymous12:21 AM

    In all its silliness, the advice is sound. I've always advocated following the same traffic rules that apply for cars, on the sidewalk aswell.

    Heck, it should even apply in supermarkets. Talk about a traffic nightmare! You have double-, and even tripple-parked shoppingcarts, no one uses turn signals, no one checks their rear view mirror, kids are without restraints... The horror!

    On the other hand, I guess I should be happy there's no traffic cops issuing tickets in my grocery store.

  2. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Dostoevsky dealt with the sidewalk thing a few times.

    My problem with "you tube" is that I think a tube, though it should be considered a receptacle, is often thought of as phallic. When I see "you tube" written, I think of someone saying, "You, Tube!" Back in the 1980s a tube steak was a polite way to call a person a dick.

    So in C&P, I think Raskalnikov was really saying to the officer, "Hey, you tube, get the *(()& out my way!"

  3. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Damnit there I go again!

  4. Anonymous4:15 AM

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