Those Unscientific Polls...

turned out to be exactly right! Zogby polled Ron Paul at 10% in Iowa on the second, and, lo and behold, he got 10%. And all those charges of "MSM bias"? It turns out the MSM correctly perceived Paul as a minor candidate. The folks who have been trying to trick people into believing Paul could win -- and I don't mean Bob or John, I mean some senior libertarian figures -- have been saying "He'll surprise everyone in Iowa and show how wrong the MSM is!" Well, the MSM was saying "He might get third" -- I guess he "showed them" by finishing fifth, behind the dead on the podium Fred Thompson. So now those same people are saying "This is a great finish!"

Horseshit is horseshit even when it's in support of someone with whom I largely agree.

(Just to be clear: I wish there was some chance Paul could win -- but, as I said two months ago, there isn't any such chance.)


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    "Senior libertarian figures". What are you a pussy, Gene? Can't you name names? What are you afraid of?

  2. Gene, I believe those relatively accurate polling figures, e.g. the Zogby one, only came within the several days prior to the caucus. A month ago, if any Ron Paul supporter would have claimed he would win 10% in Iowa, that person would have been tossed into the loony bin. But, Ron's support didn't just pop up overnight - it has been there and only now are the mainstream "experts" beginning to acknowledge what the rest of us have known for many months.

  3. A "pussy"? Is there a twelve-year-old following this blog?

  4. The poll I just saw has Paul at 8% or so in NH, and in 5th place I think. So if the "Paul motivates people more" theory is correct, I'm hoping for at least 3rd place.

    If he gets around 8% then I will think the polls are accurate. I wasn't really paying too much attention to Iowa so I can't say.

  5. "Gene, I believe those relatively accurate polling figures, e.g. the Zogby one, only came within the several days prior to the caucus."

    OK, but Paul only began campaigning in Iowa when the dec. 16 flood of money came in. So I bet the earlier polls were accurate, too -- he had a late surge.

    By the way, I think it's wonderful that he's done as well as he has -- he's getting an important message out. And it's great that John is out working for him. Heck, I've donated to the campaign twice. But I also think it's a good idea to have realistic expectations, and not to sound all paranoid about MSM conspiracies.

  6. Anonymous8:14 PM

    @ Mr. Callahan

    No, I am not tweleve years old. I am 11 1/2. And my father who is a lot older than you, told me I should never wimp out in stating my case. If I should ever have a problem with somebody, or somebody's argument, my father said I should be straight about it and be clear and direct.

    He would be very dissapointed in me if I was so wimpy that I would be afraid to name the person(s) and only willing to hint in a nebulous fashion about the person(s).

    No wonder you got the sh**t beat out of you in a London park.

  7. Actually I think Gene got beat because of his fresh mouth, not because he was a female reproductive organ.

    All right Gene I can't resist... Didn't you claim on this very site that Barack Obama didn't stand a chance, because Americans would think he was behind 9/11? Was that pronouncement horse poopy too (like those of unnamed senior libertarians)?

  8. No wonder you got the sh**t beat out of you in a London park.

    I did some quick research Gene, and I think you should just let this go. Remember what happened to Liam Neeson in Gangs of New York.

  9. A Ron Paul question for Gene and Bob:

    If Lew Rockwell was responsible for writing and/or publishing the RP newsletters now featured in The New Republic, should Paul disclose it publicly? Should Rockwell?

  10. "No wonder you got the sh**t beat out of you in a London park."

    That's right, John. I was attacked because when the thugs challenged me to name someone I was criticizing, I refused.

    John, you have now thrown an extremely painful event in which I was nearly murdered in my face despite its utter irrelevance to what we are discussing. Your father also should have taught you not to be a rude idiot.

  11. Anonymous8:09 PM

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