Here They Go Again

Everyone seems to have found out about Salvia. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, living in a redneck hell like Florida which was in the vanguard of banning the plant.

Although I've been told that I wasn't sentient in 1965, I do know that I wasn't reading the New York Times back then. Didn't the Times run some incendiary articles about LSD, just prior to it becoming illegal? Didn't the Times cite examples of a (U Penn?) student going blind, from staring at the sun, while tripping?

The New York Times gets a hold of a story and pictures a Texas redneck lawmaker (yuck), and soon we'll see Salvia on the DEA's drug schedule.


  1. I don't recommend it.

  2. Anonymous3:45 AM

    I do. :-)

    I strongly recommend following the directions, however, particularly the one about using Salvia in a quiet place, free from distractions. I had a terrible experience on it once when I ignored that recommendation. Having a friend around helps as well, even if he or she does it as well, because (if you use 50x concentration, at least; I can't speak for the others), you can easily forget that you're tripping, and then it can be a bit frightening.

    I've had some amazing, even mystical experiences on Salvia, which is really saying something for someone such as myself. It's just another way to experience reality, and as such, can really open one's eyes, give one a new perspective on viewing the world.

    It's a shame that the government has to go after Salvia too, now. Go figure: drugs that aren't dangerous, and drugs that open one's mind, are the drugs they especially want to target. The authorities never want the masses thinking outside of the little lie-ridden box of reality they have created for them.


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