Henry Paulson Must Listen to Eazy-E

So in case you haven't heard, let me inform you that Paulson has just decided that more than $125 billion* will go to healthy financial institutions. This reminds me of some lines from Eazy-E:

Bankin, I specialize in ganking
Whites, Mexicans, brothers and others.

* Initially RW put the figure at $135 billion, but now he is not sure. The phrasing is a little off in the article, so it's hard to know. So to be safe, just say it's at least $125 billion.


  1. WTF? It's like they just blew their wad on nothing, F(*$ING nada to fix the underlying problem in housing. And they have to raise matching amounts in the already dead capital markets? WTF?

  2. It just seems odd that Bob Murphy is quoting Eazy E, like the stars are out of alignment or something.

  3. Bob,

    Excellent use of an Eazy-E quote. I've always wanted to construct an opportunity cost test question around this snippet from "Boys in the Hood"

    I'm rollin hard, now under control
    then wrapped the 6 fo' round a telephone pole
    i looked at ma car and i said "oh brother"
    i'll throw it in the gutter and go buy another

  4. Cody,

    I have not yet revealed even 25% of my powers to the world.

  5. Josh,

    That's awesome. I love how Eazy E understands black markets too.

    The police ain't sh*t cuz I'm payin em off.

    And of course how gets out of jail (in order to creep on his b*tch with his uzi machine):

    The bailiff of the station was a neighborhood cluck.
    I looked him straight in the eye, and said "What's up?"
    And said "Let's make a deal you know I'll do you up."

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