Matt Welch Cites Me

as someone at (T)reason who was calling for better oversight of Freddie and Fannie years ago.

UPDATE: Bob Murphy reminds me how it is endlessly funny, even the 5000th time it is done, to spell the name of this magazine (T)reason -- so the post is suitably amended.


  1. Gene Callahan warned years ago of the dangerously unregulated market!

  2. Yep -- if you're going to have these GSEs, you'd better watch them carefully!

    Best to worst:
    1) No Fannie or Freddie.
    2) Fannie and Freddie exist but tightly constrained.
    3) Fannie and Freddie exist and can run amuck.

  3. Anonymous11:40 AM

    But wait! Wasn't it the greed of the American corporate leaders, taking advantage of the unfortunate overwhelmed American industrial worker that lead to the housing market volatility? Aren't those things inextricably linked? Isn't that what the talking heads are saying? How am I supposed to make informed decisions when TV doesn't give me sound foundational knowledge. All is lost.


  4. Anonymous12:17 PM

    I understand that you would also like to be paid based on Karl Marx's Labor Theory of Value.

  5. I used to run amuck, at a muck factory.

    I'm more interested in making money than getting ideological. I think it's better to have a tightly regulated Fannie and Freddie, because I'm better off because they've existed.

    What would capitalist Amerika look like without chattal interest? If the workers had no compulsion to wake up, they'd no longer be slaves. Capitalist apologists everywhere should praise Fannie and Freddie for keeping the relations of production intact. LOL

  6. Gene,

    If I hadn't been so eager to use the one rip, I would've said that you misspelled the name of the magazine.

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