Another Day on the Job...

another incident of mass murder.

Ho hum.


  1. I'm not being sarcastic. I thought if a political body does this kind of thing, it's not mass murder, but war? I.e. you reject my classification of taxation as "theft," but are you OK with me calling war "mass murder"?

  2. Bob, no, war is not mass murder. For instance, if the Candadians were invading Brooklyn and I killed twenty of them, that would NOT be mass murder, but just killing in a war of defense. When, however, troops strike from the air, without offering any chance of surrender, at a bunch of travelers who they suspect might be the enemy, THAT's mass murder. (Probably third degree homicide, to be precise -- reckless.)

    This is, as I see it, a major problem with declaring "The State is Evil!": the government of Switzerland taking 20% of incomes for providing peaceful, very decent governance becomes no different than Mugabe slaughtering white Zimbabwean farmers and stealing their farms. Fighting a necessary war in a decent fashion becomes no different than fighting an unnecessary war in an indecent fashion.


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