Savage Bog-trotters and Goatish Monks

What happens if you let the Irish run loose:

"Yourselves forced to fly destitute of bread and harbour, your wives prostituted to the lust of every savage bog-trotter, your daughters ravished by goatish monks, your smaller children tossed upon pikes... whilst you yourself have your own bowels ripped up..." -- Popery and Politics in England: 1660 - 1699, quoting Henry Care

The author, in the course of the sentence, got so worked up by the savage bog-trotters and goatish monks that he forgot "yourselves" had already fled (deserting your wife and kids, by the way!) in the first clause, and has you sticking around getting disemboweled in the final one.


  1. No contradiction. We Irish hunt down cowards who run away and drag them back to their homes, before disembowling them.


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