And This Is a Good Thing?

So, OK, our lefty military can produce vast death and suffering abroad.

And this is supposed to be an argument for leftist policies?!


  1. Anonymous3:05 AM

    Every time a foreigner lectures me on how India needs a more enthusiastic and less apathetic police, I simply say that the last thing I want is a police that actually does its job.

    Because there are some VERY sincere police in some eastern regions here, and those regions are currently seeing anti-police uprisings by peasants. The law deemed many of them squatters on their own land, for appropriation for ambitious state projects. The police was enthusiastic to remove them by force. Now, the anti-police uprisings in Jharkhand or Madhya Pradesh keeps resulting in nastier things being done by both sides.

    THIS is an argument for efficient police?

    If they were more like the police in my region, they would have been a little more lazy and relaxed, and figured it would have been unreasonable to evict people from land on which they already lived. And hey, no peasant uprising in my region, while police and normal people get along fine.

    Efficiency and good conduct are not everything, and sometimes a little subpar conduct of duty goes a long way in stable society.


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