Why I Moderate Comments

Here at La Bocca, we have a very high class of commenters. Someone like rob, although he has been disagreeing with me, is clearly trying to carefully think through this whole government debt issue. He writes thoughtful, polite comments as to why he doesn't (yet) buy my angle on this. (He will come around!)

But when one ventures out into the wilder, untamed lands of the Internet at large, oy vey. You see scores and scores of people who have no understanding of the issue jumping into a pile around the "football" simply because "their guy" is somewhere down in the mash up. If they hate Krugman, they make comments on Murphy's blog about how brain dead Krugman is to have ever said what he said: but his point is something they themselves don't understand. If they hate libertarians, they make the opposite sort of comment at some other blog.


  1. Anonymous6:09 AM

    If it matters at all, I at least admit that I am a moron who is without tact. I try, though.


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