It's the Cervical Cancer for Me, Please!

"Cervical cancer served on beetroot carpaccio with mustard-honey dip" was recently being offered at a Polish restaurant. Apparently, until the British press picked up on this, 'cervical cancer' was how Google Translate was rendering the Polish words that meant 'crayfish tails.'

I use computer translation frequently. I just don't ever trust it.


  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    For translating written languages I usually just plug it into the Translate Widget, it isn't perfect but it's close enough that I can figure it out. However, I've noticed that whenever I'm trying to convert from English to another language that the Widget, Google translate, and a bunch of other translation websites will all have slightly different wordings.

  2. My favorite was "Invisible insanity."

    Can you guess the phrase?


    Out of sight, out of mind.


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