Heartwarming news from the right

National Review has just run a piece decrying the wave of police brutality and violation of rights that we have seen of late.

This is great news, and may signal the rise of a broad movement that could check such abuses.

Two notes:

1) Efforts to demonize every police officer as a brutal thug are going to be counterproductive. There are many good cops who do a lot of good work, and the average citizen knows this, and may even know some of these good cops personally: if this movement is to succeed, it will have to be made clear that it is not anti-police, but anti-police abuses. To the extent it seems to be merely anti-police, it will only cause average citizens to rally behind police forces.

2) The effort is inherently political, and must use political means to achieve its ends. Anyone whose misguided understanding of politics leads them to view it as inherently immoral is going to have a tough time contributing to its success. It is precisely because political life in the United States still has some life in it that there is a chance that we can check these abuses.


  1. Wise words.
    An election year, especially one where hot button issues are to the fore, is unlikely to help. The Cliven Bundy crowd will call all cops storm troopers, the law and otder types, outraged at the lawlessness at the border, will rally round the thin blue line, the democrats will support the police unions, the gop will prattle about soft on crime.
    Don't get your hopes up, this will take years.

  2. What will make a difference is proof, videos. So this, just the latest of a string of such decisions, is good news.


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