Give credit where credit is due

Pope Julius II was primarily involved with the creation of the ceiling of the Sistine chapel at two moments: The fun part at the beginning, when he helped to conceive the project, and the easy part at the end, when he got to admire the finished product. But imagine if he had gone around continually telling everybody, "Michelangelo and I are really hard at work painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel!" Wouldn't this would be kind of a diss to Michelangelo, who after all was doing all the real work?

And that should explain why I am baffled that anyone should consider a guy claiming, "We are pregnant!" to be some sort of feminist or progressive statement. As I recall, when my wife was pregnant, I had been involved in the fun part at the beginning, and got to admire the final product, but it seems to me that she did all the hard work in the middle. How in the world it could be considered "feminist" for me to steal half the credit is beyond me.


  1. Who claims that's feminist? This is news to me, but I've never been one to follow feminism.

    1. Pretty much everyone I have encountered who uses this locution is a progressive.

    2. That may be so and it may be incompatible with progressivism or feminism, but I'm asking if what you are saying is that this is put forward as by adherents of either as an example of either.

    3. I gave up on trying to reason with feminism and/or feminists roughly a year ago. Some of what they say is correct, I think - there is a demotion of the feminine in the world - but their correct intuitions on the matter are clobbered to nonsense by their rather stupid ideology. For example: despite being against the diminution of the feminine in society, they completely bowdlerize the word 'feminine' into a male noun: what a good woman does is attempt to be a good man (notice the hostility that feminists have for traditional women and the role of women in bringing about the next generation - literally - from themselves).

      On the other hand, in their rallying against gender 'essentialism' - something that cognitive science, good philosophy, and common sense all point to as being as obvious as the sun during the day - they destroy any objective meaning that the word 'woman' or 'feminine' has. To be a woman, or to be 'feminine', is just to feel feminine, or to feel like a woman - whatever the hell that means. The words become objectively meaningless, but that does not stop them from going around and saying obtuse things like "We want society to appreciate females and the feminine"... even though what it means to be a female is almost entirely subjective (according to them) and even though femininity is something that they have attempted to destroy for nearly fifty years.

      If I had to take a guess, it seems like the shared 'we' is to be gender inclusive; both parties are seen as 'having' or 'making' or 'whatever' that goes into making a baby. To say that the woman has the part in actually bringing (and having) the baby is biologically correct, of course, but it just won't hold well with Progressives, because it acknowledges the very unique and human role women play in the literal creation of our society. And we all know that acknowledging gender differences leads to oppression.


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