Thursday, September 10, 2015

Back in the day...

even when they were unemployed, men wore ties:

(Photo from The American Conservative.)

It reminds me of the photo at FEE of Mises, Hazlitt and Read at a barbecue in Hazlitt's backyard, and all three have three-piece suits on.

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  1. I think my introduction to the an-cap web was the off-topic Jeffrey Tucker piece, "How To Dress Like a Man".

    I even gave it a try for a few months, and the difference in my perception of self and treatment from others was pretty surprising. Unfortunately was also a huge anomaly in the west coast software industry.

    The changing (deteriorating?) standards of dress is an interesting topic. I wonder if people back in the day truly took their image more seriously, or if they were just conforming to the mores of their time.


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