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"What’s a liberal? Someone who 'respects . . . individual existence' so much that he 'attempt[s] to leave as much moral and political space around every human person as is compatible with the demands of social life.' Liberalism so understood is 'the official ideology of the Western world.' It is the ideology of 'the free, self-fulfilling individual,' which is equally at the foundation of the thought of Milton Friedman and Karl Marx. For the libertarian and the Marxist alike, utopia, when it arrives, will be marked by perfectly individualistic spontaneity or the immediate and unobsessive gratification of personal preferences without authoritative guidance from social or relational structures, without the limitations that used to be associated with birth, personal love, and death."


  1. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that.

  2. The article touches on the word, "rights", and how people of various political stripes act as if they are self-evident.

    Nothing is self-evident in this world!

    Thanks to the language of "rights", anything can be declared a right, and all your political opponents can be accused of "denying you the rights".


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