Don't do anything risky or dangerous!

Imagine you are in the car heading straight for a cliff. Without a change of course, you and all of the other passengers are going to plunge over that cliff to certain death on the rocks below.

Then someone comes along and promises to steer the car in a radically different direction. This disturbs a lot of the other passengers: they are used to the direction the car is going; they have gotten comfortable with its steady speed and with the lack of jolts and bumps they experience. They tell you:

"That guy who wants to be the driver: he's dangerous! His plan is untested, and anyway he keeps changing it. For all we know, he really just wants the car for himself!"

"All that maybe true, but what do you suggest we do instead?"

"The other job applicant is better known. We have to go with her: it is the only responsible thing to do. She drives much more calmly, and stays right in the middle of the road."

"You mean the road heading straight off of that cliff up ahead?"

"Ehhhhh.... I heard it only looks like a cliff. And maybe they'll have it smoothed out by the time we get there!"


  1. Are we headed off a cliff, though?

    1. Everything we don't wish to happen is risky, scary, and heading off a cliff. Get with the program.

    2. Nineteen trillion dollars in debt, a couple of wars going on in the Middle East, (what feels like) an extremely divided nation, and a feeling that we have not yet left the turmoil of 2008's stock market crash…I don't feel like we're headed off of a cliff at all. And that's not sarcasm.


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