Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Scullies Everywhere!

Remember how on the X-Files Scully never seemed to learn from the huge string of "impossible" events that had come before the current episode that perhaps she should stop calling these things "impossible"?

I find it amusing how many of the people who today are saying it is "impossible" that Trump will beat Clinton were once saying it was impossible he would make it past the first debate, then that it was impossible that he would win a primary, then that it was impossible that he would rise above 30% support, then that it was impossible that he would win once the field narrowed, then that it was impossible for him to clinch the nomination before the convention...

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  1. Now that you have reminded me that Scully was the perma-sceptic and Mulder the perma-conspiracynut in X Files, I realized Scully and Mulder were really caricatures and that the X Files was not meant to be a tongue in cheek dark comedy.

    Somewhere along the line, it started to take itself very seriously.


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