Not every conspiracy is a theory

I rented a copy of Money Monster. On the box, it proclaims that "Not every consipracy is a theory."

Well, no, conspiracies aren't theories: they are consipracies. Some people have theories that event X or Y came about due to as conspiracy. Some of those theories are false, but some are true! (There was a conspiracy to kill Hitler, a conspiracy to blow up Parliament, etc.) But somehow "conspiracy theory" has come to mean "false consipracy theory" in many people's minds. I saw this recently with the charges of Russian election interference, where people on Twitter were saying, "It's not a conspiracy theory: the CIA is saying it!"

Oh, and the movie: it's in the running for one of the worst films I have ever seen. Pretty much every single thing in the movie is bogus. The characters have completely unbelievable personality transformations, they unravel a conspiracy based on the most ridiculous "clues," the financial market talk is nonsense, the tech talk is nonsense, the mystery is hardly a mystery at all (surprise: the rich guy did it!), and as "social commentary" it is on the level of a sixth-grade civics paper.

There was no "The Making of Money Monster" extra on the DVD, but if they had interviewed director Jodi Foster and asked how she had made the film, an honest answer would have been, "Well, I just toook a big crap onto some celluloid... and then I released it to theaters!"


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