"Half Muslim"

The effort to make Islam a race, so that any objection to any Islamic doctrine can be denounced as "racism," continues apace: on the episode of The Blacklist I was watching last night, a character declared he was "half Muslim."

That, of course, is a complete absurdity, like being "half atheist" or "half born again." Islam is a belief system, and someone either embraces it, and is a Muslim, whatever their biological inheritance, or doesn't embrace it, and isn't Muslim, even if both of their parents were Muslim. The idea of being "half Muslim" is something that any serious, believing Muslim would find repellent.

But the SJWs don't care about their "pet" groups: homosexuals, transgendered, Muslims, etc. Those groups are just props used for progressives to advance their agenda... which is that progressives should be in charge.


  1. Yes, but have you not noticed that this tactic has worked for progressives?

    You now find Muslims defending feminism and gay rights publicly (Sarsour, Aslan, Rashid,.etc), mainly because the right has denied a political platform to Muslims, forcing Muslims to find a political home on the left. Now, they are undermining their own religion to find acceptance among progressives.

    I would chalk this as an excellent success for progressives.

  2. Not really. Sarsour, Aslan, etc are simply lying. But I agree progressives have a lot of success with lying.


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