Was all of git's documentation written by a robot?

I've been using git for close to four years now, and still I get error messages like "the following files have changes staged in the index" (I was trying to remove files from the repo) and have no idea whatsoever what the problem is.


  1. Can't delete it because people have changes pending, is what it sounds like. That can happen even if you are the only people, if you did something on another branch of the file's history.

  2. The index is the staging area. You've done an add of some some files which puts them in the staging area (index), but then tried to delete the files from the repo. Git does not know what to do. Unstage the files then git rm, or commit the files then delete them and commit the deletion. Well, that's my theory of what is going on... Who knows...

    1. Thanks. I think that's about right. But who in the world thought of calling a staging area an "index"?

  3. In my experience, this site is exactly as useful as the official documentation.


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