More Attenborough nonsense

David Attenborough presents himself as a serious naturalist, yet he is willing to narrate a nature film about some raptors preying on some bats by saying:

"The enormous number of bats emerging from the cave defeats the efforts of the raptors, so that most of the bats survive."

He talks as though the bats were the raptors enemy, and the raptors' goal was to wipe out the bats. Of course, the bats are not the raptors' enemy, no more than chickens are humans' enemy, and the raptors no more would like to wipe out bats then we would like to wipe out chickens!


  1. Some of us are less fond of chickens than you my friend.
    He just keeps coming out with this stuff. I cannot watch most nature documentaries because of all the “balance of nature” stuff — and the endless environmentalist hectoring.


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